At Essendon Keilor College we offer two years 7-9 Middle Years campuses. Our Niddrie campus is at the end of Peters Street in Airport West and our East Keilor campus is on Quinn Grove in East Keilor. Being the campus principal of both campuses means I can ensure that the educational experience we offer our years 7-9 students is consistent, regardless of the campus they attend.

Our vision at EKC is to have two state of the art middle years campuses that are purpose built to enhance collaboration and creativity for our students. Our Niddrie campus was rebuilt in 2018 to match this vision and in exciting news, Essendon Keilor College has recently been allocated $10million of additional government funding to go towards the redevelopment of our East Keilor campus. By 2027 we hope our vision will be a reality.


The Victorian Curriculum for levels 7-9 provides a comprehensive framework for the education of students in the middle years of secondary school. It encompasses a diverse range of subjects, focusing on key learning areas such as English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, and the Arts. The curriculum emphasises the development of essential skills, knowledge, and understanding to prepare students for higher education and the workforce. It promotes critical thinking, creativity, and effective communication, while also addressing cross-curricular priorities. The Victorian Curriculum for levels 7-9 aims to foster a well-rounded education, equipping students with the tools they need for future success in a rapidly changing world.

In years 7 & 8 students are at the breadth stage of schooling where students have the opportunity to fully engage with all learning areas and capabilities.

Once in Year 9 students move into the pathways stage of schooling where they begin to plan their senior secondary program of study.

Year 7 Curriculum Overview

Periods per fortnight
year 7 overview

Year 8 Curriculum Overview

Periods per fortnight

year 8 overview

Year 9 Curriculum Overview

Periods per fortnight
year 9 overview

Once in Year 9, student choice of subjects they study broadens to allowing them to choose a range of subjects from the areas of Arts, Technology, Language, Humanities and Health & PE to fill their three elective blocks

Assessment & Reporting

All students in Years 7-9 complete two summative Common Assessment Tasks (CAT's) per subject per semester. The results of these tasks are reported home to parents within two weeks of the task be sat/submitted by students. As well as completing CAT's students also participate in end of semester exams with the focus of these exams being on the development of exam preparation skills that will set students up for greater success in their senior years of education.