What is the EKC H.A.P program?

Our program has been developed to bring together like-minded, high-achieving students, giving them a sense of belonging and extending them to fulfil their potential. Through the combination of a specially designed curriculum, support from our experienced teachers and a culture of high expectations, students are nurtured, challenged and motivated towards achieving their highest level of academic excellence. Our mission here at Essendon Keilor College is to promote peak performance by delivering an outstanding education that is personalised and caters for varied interests, needs and aspirations.

At Essendon Keilor College, students undertaking this program will be accelerated in their subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Health and Physical Education, STEM, Horticulture, Art and Performance.

Students may also be eligible for the Victorian High Achievers Program, which provides opportunities for students to connect with like-minded peers across the state in order to reflect on their experiences and delve further into some of the big ideas of the course.

All students are expected to be involved in at least one extracurricular activity - Production, leadership, sports and/or music, to add a layer of global citizenship and community involvement to their learning experience.

The program aims to strive for student excellence by:

  • creating a more challenging learning environment for highly talented and motivated student

  • providing the opportunity to work independently and cooperatively with other students of similar abilities and interests

  • providing students who are academically inclined and motivated an opportunity to excel in their studies

  • Developing strong and proficient skills in using ICT

  • Developing sound personal and interpersonal learning to learn strategies

  • Preparing students for a broader, more intensive VCE studies and/or University Extension units in their senior years