Students at Essendon Keilor College have the opportunity to be involved in a great range of disciplines relating to the Visual and Performing Arts. Each area is designed to allow students the opportunity to explore those skills required for the development of their creativity and skills. Our focus is on encouraging the development of a personal style through divergent thinking, risk-taking and creative and critical thinking. At our Middle Years Campuses, student have the opportunity to undertake:

  • STEM

  • Art

  • Food Technology

  • Woodwork

  • Drama

  • Music

Students at the Later Years have access to a choice of:

  • Art Making & Exhibiting

  • Product Design & Technology: Woodwork

  • Product Design & Technology: Textiles

  • Visual Communication & Design

  • Food Studies

  • STEM

  • Media Studies

  • Music

  • VET Sound Production

  • Performance

Subjects such as these help students develop critical thinking skills and solve complex and intricate problems. Students are challenged to make decisions, to identify opportunities, and to take effective and informed action. Our Food Technology students have access to the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program which encourages students to be creative in the dishes they design based on ingredients available on site.

The Essendon Keilor College Performing Arts program is a college wide, engaging and entertaining program comprising Drama, Performance, Music and includes students from years 7 to 12. We aim to provide a variety of performance opportunities throughout the year that cater for all levels of ability, from beginners to advanced. Our College Production is a celebrated event on the college calendar which brings together students from all year levels who showcase their talents at our historic Essendon Hall.