The student leadership program at EKC incorporates the school expectations of Respect, Engagement, Aspiration and Learning. Our student leaders are invited to nominate, apply in writing and sit an interview for the positions in order to develop their confidence, communication and demonstrate their ability to collaborate with peers and staff. Each campus has a Student Leadership Coordinator who supports the students in developing their leadership capabilities.

Student Leadership positions include:

  • School Captains & Vice Captains

  • Campus Captains & Vice Captains

  • House & Sports Captains

  • Music, Performance & Production Captains

  • STEM Captains

  • SWPBS Captains

  • Fundraising & Activities Captains

Our Student Leaders meet regularly and integral in planning whole school and campus based events and activities including:

  • Harmony Day

  • Swimming and Athletics Carnivals

  • RUOK? Day

  • Sports days

  • Lunchtime Activities

  • Charity events