Hong Ha (Julia)

Vietnam Year 11

I came to study in Australia because education is strong here and there are top universities. I chose Essendon Keilor College in particular because it’s in Essendon which is a beautiful suburb and because lots of international students live and study here – it’s so multicultural. My homestay is nearby in Keilor East. It’s very safe and quiet. I like that it’s close to the city but not close enough to be distracting. It’s the ideal place to be.

At first I have to admit I experienced culture shock. It wasn’t what I expected, but being in such a multicultural community helped a lot. And my homestay parents are fantastic. They help me with everything. They’re my Australian family. I have a second home now.

It’s so easy to make friends at EKC. I don’t feel alone at all. The teachers are really helpful too. They’re so supportive. In class I can ask questions and they literally come alongside and help.

I love that I can select subjects and specialise in the area of my aspirations. It enables me to focus in the direction of my choice. I want to study finance and have a career in commerce. I’m hoping to go to Monash University.

I also like that there’s so much you can get involved in here, including leadership. I’m running for the International School Captain position. It’s a real step toward contributing and helping influence our school experience.

My English has improved so much since I’ve been here. It’s not just on paper or about the grammar. I use it in daily life to communicate and make friends. Being immersed in English has made all the difference. I feel I’m more responsible for myself too – more mature.

EKC is a great place for international students to live, study, make friends and have fun. I’ve met people here from around the world who I expect will be friends for life. If you’re thinking of studying abroad, I’d say do it! You’ll find a wonderful new world that will give you so many opportunities.


Over three years living in Australia, I’m very grateful and proud to be a student belonging to Essendon Keilor College. I have the opportunity to study, do my best and prepare for university.
The teachers are always available to help me when I have trouble with any subjects. I have made many friends.

Vu Nguyen Truc Nhi

Shixing (Maxwell)

China Year 11

My parents thought Australia would offer me a great education and a great experience. They were right.

Essendon is such a clean suburb and not crowded. I really like that. And Essendon Keilor College has beautiful historic buildings that have been updated and include the latest technology. It’s fantastic.

I think it’s the people that make EKC special though. They are so kind. You always get a smile. You don’t need to be afraid of being alone. When I get homesick I’ve got friends to support me. Of course, I’m in touch with my parents often too.

You get all the support you need at school from students and teachers. I’ve made so much progress with the help of my teachers, other international students and the local students too. We push each other along. The teachers are so nice. They guide and help you. They are also great at helping us work through what courses to take. I want to do Chinese medicine so I’m taking lots of science classes.

The learning here is very different. The schedule allows time for activities like basketball. I’m in a competition that plays for fun. It’s also great that there are students at EKC from all around the world. It means I get to learn about many cultures – what’s polite and what isn’t.

I was so timid and shy when I got here but everyone was friendly. It made me relax so I could learn. I can feel it giving me confidence. These days I’m more outgoing and willing to speak up.

Essendon Keilor College is small, but the powerful kind of small that comes from everyone knowing each other. It gives the school its beautiful spirit. EKC gives me so much and it will do the same for you. Enjoy the welcome and making friends from all over the world!


I love Essendon Keilor College. The students are so friendly and cheerful and the teachers are also very supportive. There were moments when I felt like I couldn’t go on but the teachers and students were there to help me get back up. Now that I am a university student I really miss the time I had with Essendon Keilor College. I would strongly recommend Essendon Keilor College to any students interested in studying in Australia.

Vu Minh Nhat


Chile, Year 10, English Language Centre

This is a good school. I am learning English and can communicate with my classmates better every day.

I’ve made friends with students from Australia, Vietnam and China. We have fun learning together. I play football and soccer – it’s another way to learn English.

My teachers help me practise English. They are caring and help me keep taking steps forward.

Come to EKC because you’ll learn from being in a new place, improve your English and make new friends.


The Language Support program was very good. The teachers gave me a lot of help in reading, writing and listening and I definitely benefited from this. I received support in many different ways whenever I needed it.

Pham Truong Thing Le
Commenced in Year 10


Vietnam Year 11

Studying abroad was my dream. I chose to come to Melbourne because it’s such a livable city – number 1 in the world. I like its multicultural feel. I wasn’t too shocked when I arrived because there are Vietnamese people at school and in the local community.

International students really fit in because of the welcome. It’s multicultural flavour is incredible. Being at Essendon Keilor College is just a great experience.

The teachers are so supportive and helpful. They help me understand what I need to know, are always available and make sure we have the right books and resources.

The education system here allows me to specialise earlier, which I really like. I can take 5-6 subjects related to my future plans. I want to study Communications, so media and business management is important for that. I also like the fact that there’s time to grow my passions and pursue hobbies. I’m running for a leadership position and I’ve enjoyed doing community service.

I’ve become more independent and mature over the past year. I think differently and my mind has opened up. I’ve learned from how others live and I understand myself more. I’ve made friends and my daily experience has improved.

Definitely come to Australia and EKC – I feel so lucky to be here. It’s very normal to struggle at first, but it’s so worth it for the great experience. Don’t worry about any language barrier. Be brave. It won’t be a barrier for long! All the support you get makes it easier to adapt. But remember, the more effort you put in, the more you will achieve.


The Essendon Campus encourages perseverance and independent, two of the most important ingredients for success. Support and encouragement are plentiful. Individuals are inspired to view their own potential with optimism and then realise the responsibilities need to flourish and guarantee a successful future.

Hua Gia Kien


Egypt Year 10, English Language Centre

I came to Essendon Keilor College because it has such a good reputation. Now I know it’s true. It’s because the teachers are so helpful and the students are so friendly. It’s a really different lifestyle but it’s already getting easier.

The learning is different here. I like the subject choices we can make. And I study with students from all around the world. It’s made me more open minded. My English has improved so much in just three months because I use it 100% of the time.

I like playing soccer at lunchtime. It’s a great way to make friends.

After school I do more study but there’s also time for hobbies. I go running.

I’m not sure what I’ll study in the future but maybe something in business.

I’d recommend EKC because the education is great – the learning is relevant and targeted.


I was a bit scared when I first came here as everything looked strange to me. However, I found this school is great. The local students are friendly and help you if you need it and of course, the teachers are nice too. If you are an overseas student, you can still find some students form your own country. Your are not by yourself here. This place is terrific!

Le Vinh Lan

Le Duc (Brian)

Vietnam Year 9, English Learning Centre

Melbourne was an obvious choice for me because seven of the top 100 universities in the world are here and the lifestyle is great. I’m hoping to go to the University of Melbourne after Year 12. I also like the weather including the dramatic season changes.

I’m loving it at Essendon Keilor College. The school has historic buildings but is modern at the same time - and it’s so clean. Everyone in our multicultural community is very friendly. I meet someone new every day and am learning so much about different ways of thinking.

My homestay parents and friends helped me settle in quickly. They gave me lots of advice and all the help I need. I’ve found support is offered before you even ask for it.

The students and teachers are just lovely. It makes me happy which puts me in the mood to learn. I really like that the learning is student-centred. Teachers point the way by giving the topic and main point then the learning direction is up to you. The choice is fantastic and learning has nothing to do with repeating information like a parrot.

I’ve only been here a short time but I think my pronunciation is better and I’m more talkative. Your English improves and you learn more by getting involved in activities outside the classroom. I play basketball and badminton and I really like drama classes. I play the guitar too and am looking forward to being in the School Production.

I’d recommend EKC because whoever you are and whatever you want to do, there’s a place for you here.


Essendon Keilor College is an ideal environment for me to learn with friendly students and responsible teachers. I have had the opportunity to participate in the school production thanks to the school’s wholehearted support. It was such a memorable experience for me in Australia.

Trinh Nhu Ngoc

Sounhour (Scott)

Cambodia Year 11

Essendon is a peaceful suburb – a liveable, friendly and exciting place to live and study. The standard of living is great. And, of course, it’s in Australia, which is well regarded globally. Essendon Keilor College is convenient to everything you need and the public transport is great. I always feel safe.

The welcome I received was very genuine. I experienced so much consideration from the whole community. It is very inclusive. Our multicultural population is such a positive thing. It’s enriching.

The teachers are so helpful. They really care. They offer learning choice and many opportunities. The course and careers counselling is also excellent. Genetic engineering interests me, so taking Maths and Biology is part of the pathway.

My English has improved significantly since I’ve been here and I’ve made great friendships among the local students. Interacting with them has really improved my self-confidence.

I would highly recommend EKC to other international students. Why not have a great experience while you improve your English and increase your knowledge? If you’re looking for a unique, culturally rich school with lots of opportunities come and enjoy the welcome and learning at EKC!

Yi (Shelley)

China Year 11

I came to study in Australia because it offers great education and Melbourne has great universities like the University of Melbourne and Monash University. It’s really safe here too.

We chose Essendon Keilor College because it has a reputation for delivering a great education. Caring staff have offered excellent learning opportunities for a long time – more than 20 years.

The multicultural student population is attractive too. Appreciating the value of different cultures and different thinking comes with living and learning with students from so many different countries.

The teachers are friendly and really want to help you, and it’s easy to make friends with international and local students. My homestay is also great. It’s like a real home. I feel part of the family. I got lots of support to manage daily life when I first arrived. I appreciated help with setting up banking and getting to know the public transport system.

My English has improved so much which makes it easier to make friends. Being in the School Production orchestra helped too. I got to know the local students better and it was really great fun.

I’d like to go to the University of Melbourne to study commerce when I finish here. I’m grateful for the subject selection and course advice that has helped me go in that direction.

The environment, the people, the learning, the welcome … there are so many good reasons to be part of this school.

Tianyang (Stella)

China Year 10, English Language Centre

I came to study in Australia because I wanted to learn English. This school is multicultural, so you learn about other cultures too.

My homestay parents are so helpful. They take really good care of me. The teachers are also friendly and supportive. They speak slowly and explain everything so I can understand.

The best thing is that everyone’s so lovely. It’s easy to make friends and feel like you belong.