At Essendon Keilor College, every teacher is a teacher of wellbeing; a mentor who is tuned into the care and needs of each individual and who is responsive to those needs.

Staff are supported in this role by the Student Welfare Counsellor (SWC) on each campus.
The SWC is also the campus Child Protection Officer.

East Keilor   Iris Anastasiou
Niddrie Kelly Brooks
Essendon Linda Muldoon Student Services Centre, McCracken Street, room 360

Students are welcome to meet with their campus SWC anytime during school hours, or via appointment to seek counselling; support with study, organisation, motivation or health concerns; housing issues; or support with the purchase of essential school items.

Our SWCs make referrals to specialist service providers as required.

These include the Department of Education and Training Specialist Support Staff Officers

  • School Psychologist
  • Speech Pathologist

External agencies:

  • Moonee Valley Youth (Local Council)
  • Victoria University – Health Promotion
  • Y Challenge
  • Head Space
  • Approaches and Programs
  • Student Code of Conduct