I have supportive friends. You know what…the people here are just really nice. The support and advice you get is genuine. Teachers get where I’m at and help me go forward from there. I look forward to coming to school – EKC’s a great place to be and to learn.

JamalYear 7

I can be myself at EKC. That’s what I like about it. I’m accepted and respected for who I am. There’s no judgement here. It’s why I can belong. And feeling like I belong makes it easy to get on with learning.

EllieYear 7

Our school is very supportive. I feel comfortable going to teachers for help. They’re understanding and care about how you’re getting on. They try lots of different ways to help you understand something.

Elley Year 8

“We’re encouraged to be our best in everything we do – not just in class but whatever we do.

I always get help when I need it. We’re a learning community. We support each other’s learning.”

JenYear 9

We’ve got a great learning environment here.

The teachers are thorough and the students want to learn.

HarrisonYear 10

We’ve got a really close knit community. We all know each other and love hanging out together.

It’s much easier to learn in a positive, inclusive environment.

If you have a need it’s recognised quickly because you’re known and people care about you.

I’d say the strength of our community is our greatest quality. If we’re not known for it, we should be!”

TeoYear 11

I really like our diverse mix – we learn heaps from each other given our range of backgrounds. It gives you a sense of the real world and how to operate in it.

KurtisYear 11

The teachers here really care and get to know us as individuals. There’s no getting lost in the crowd at EKC. They do all they can to help us pursue what we’re good at, do our best and excel.

CampbellYear 12

EKC is our closest secondary college but we would have chosen it no matter where it was following the Open Evening and meeting the staff. We were sold by the brand new building at first but we’ve since realised it’s just the icing on the cake! The care shown toward our daughter is what’s impressed us most. The teachers’ genuine interest in her, their encouragement of her and their desire for her to do well has resulted in fantastic learning development. We love that EKC’s excellent teachers know how to get the best out of kids.

Jess Year 7 child, Niddrie