Are there student places available at the College in 2023?

Essendon Keilor College is an open entry school.

Places are available at most year levels in 2023.

Campus principals can confirm the situation. Give them a call.
East Keilor P 8331 0109
Niddrie       P 9375 8400
Essendon   P 9319 1300

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What does the College do to keep kids safe?

Essendon Keilor College has a zero tolerance for child abuse. Everyone at the college is responsible for the care and protection of students and reporting information about suspected child abuse. We implement a range of strategies to embed this commitment in our culture.

There is also zero tolerance of bullying and harassment in all its forms.

Our cooperative, inclusive and friendly culture is driven by our values: excellence, diligence, integrity, community and service, and is further supported by our integrated wellbeing program.

All students are held accountable to our Student Code of Conduct and Schoolwide Positive Behaviour Framework. It makes for a safe, orderly, productive and pleasant learning environment.

Our whole school approach to proactive student safety is clearly documented in our suite of health and safety policies.

If I have a concern about my child’s safety or wellbeing, who should I contact?

Contact the relevant Year Level or Student Wellbeing Coordinator.

Which Junior Campus should I send my child to?

The East Keilor and Niddrie campuses are both great Junior School choices. They’re equally suited to Years 7-9 learners because they’re both dedicated young adolescent learning environments. They also both adopt schoolwide Essendon Keilor College policies, practices and teaching approaches, offer very similar opportunities, are easily accessible by car and bus, and have equally dedicated, expert staff. Having said that, the two campuses are like sisters – they have their own unique spirits. It’s really best to visit both campuses to get a feel for the one that fits your child best.

How much are the school fees?

The Parent Payment for 2023, which includes the cost of Essential Student Learning Items and Optional Items, is $350.00.

This includes the cost of all Curriculum excursions/incursions up to the value of $50.00 for each activity for all year levels.

Additional specialist subject fees apply to specific electives.

What pathways do you offer?

We offer VCE, VET and VCEVM.

Please note that VCEVM students need to meet attendance requirements and have a passion for a specific pathway. Placements also depend on TAFE course availability.

What are your class sizes?

We have a maximum of 25 students per class.

Many elective senior classes are much smaller than that.

What if my child has learning difficulties?

No worries. Our personalised learning approach means we’ll tailor the program to your child’s needs. We’re also expert at diagnosing issues and working with students and their families to provide the right support. We access specialist external agencies to help too.

My child’s bright. What’s on offer extension wise?

Our expert teachers know exactly what to do to extend every student, taking them from where they are to the furthest possible point on the learning continuum. Offering choice and providing open ended tasks gives students the chance to take their learning as far as possible. Leadership opportunities are also used to extend our bright, highly motivated students.

Exceptional Year 12 students can take a University level extension study unit that counts toward their ATAR, and students at all year levels are invited to participate in national competitions.

Students are also extended through international travel options. These run in relation to our languages program (Japanese, Italian).

Our STEM clubs on each campus also offer students the opportunity to initiate and follow through on projects of interest to them.

You talk about producing future-ready graduates. What does that mean?

It means we understand the world of work students will graduate into; the types of job they’ll have, the fast-paced change they’ll need to manage, the technological literacy required, the nature of our globally interconnected world and the learning know-how that will be essential to succeeding. It means we then deliver the curriculum and opportunities to equip our students for that world.

It’s why wellbeing is integrated into our learning program and why we ensure students learn to be creative, think critically, communicate and collaborate well. It’s also why we help students develop the character strengths that enable them to be confident, resilient, adaptable and resourceful. And why we integrate values education. It’s so important to us that our graduates ultimately contribute, live meaningfully and are mindful of others.

What’s STEM and why is it so important?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

It’s an important cluster of learning areas because many jobs of the future will require intelligence in these disciplines. In fact, functioning well in daily life will depend on it. Our modernised subject offerings across all campuses ensure students have access to broad learning in STEM. Our STEM clubs – one on each campus – provide further exposure.

Our partnership with a number of neighbouring universities gives our students access to specialist STEM labs, equipment and resources. This represents a significant benefit for our students.

We are equally concerned with ensuring students are exposed to excellent learning in the Arts, languages, health, sport and PE. Exposure to diverse learning areas is critical to every student’s well-rounded education.

What lanagues do you offer?

Japanese and Italian

Vietnamese and Chinese first language is offered at Senior levels.

What about technology? What devices do you support?

We’re a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) school which means students need to bring their own laptop to school charged and ready to go every day.

We support the Windows platform and recommend purchases are made through JB Hi Fi Education Solutions

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Where do we get the uniform?

The only supplier is Noone Imagewear

Trading Hours

543 Keilor Road
Mon-Fri 8.30am – 5.30am

Niddrie VIC 3042
Sat  9.00am – 1.00pm

P: 3 9379 5037

E: [email protected]

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What’s happening with our building programs?

These are certainly exciting times for Essendon Keilor College as far as building renewal goes.

The $10m state-of-the-art build at Niddrie is almost finished.

We expect to have students occupying the building in Term 1 2019.

The hall upgrade at is on track. We look forward to using the new space in 2019.

At East Keilor upgrades will see improvements to the campus entrance and the development of a new STEM centre. These will be ready for use in October 2018.