Senior School

In striving for peak performance, achieving excellence in every endeavour remains the goal of our senior (Years 10-12) students. The Buckley Street campus provides the ideal adult learning environment for our motivated students and dedicated staff. They are partners in learning. The tuition, coaching, targeted feedback and moral support provided helps prepare future-ready students – graduates who have the knowledge, skills and mindfulness required to succeed beyond our gates.

Participation in a diverse range of vocational, sporting, community and cultural events, and interstate and international tours is strongly encouraged as it fosters personal growth, as well as a strong connection with and pride in the school. Developing effective, agile, principled leaders is another Senior campus priority.

The learning program is collaborative, stimulating and rigorous. It:

  • is underpinned by positive relationships
  • incorporates wellbeing education and leadership opportunities
  • is supported by the appropriate technology
  • is complemented by broad ranging co-curricular activities
  • includes pathway options to suit every learner.


  • Course counselling and careers guidance
  • Year 10 Orientation Program
  • Year 10 Work Experience
  • Year 11 Presentation Ball
  • Year 12 Formal and Valedictory

The teachers are dedicated to us. There’s genuine encouragement and support. Learning’s possible because you feel comfortable and confident. You become excellent as your strengths are built up and your weaknesses are addressed. Teachers use a whole range of methods to bring excellence out in you.

PatriciaYear 11

Orientation Program

Parents and students attend a Transition Evening at Essendon to:

  • tour the campus
  • benefit from an information session
  • receive a Course Handbook and Individual Subject Selection Form.

Prospective Year 10 students attend the campus for a 4-day to:

  • familiarise themselves with the environment
  • meet their peers and coordinators
  • be informed about logistics and policies
  • organise books, pay fees, purchase uniforms
  • take a number of classes in their chosen subjects.

Year 10

Years 11 & 12