The Essendon Keilor College Program

Helping students achieve peak performance by making progress in every lesson every day is how we go about achieving our vision.

To that end we are committed to providing quality instruction using consistent approaches across year levels and campuses. We ensure a scope and sequence of curriculum delivery that ensures a smooth transition from year level to year level and either of our junior campuses to the senior campus.

Our personalised learning programs:

  • recognise and cater for the unique needs, backgrounds, interests and prior learning of each student
  • reflect current evidence-informed practice
  • are data driven
  • involve students in challenging but realistic goal setting
  • provide for choice and are open-ended
  • encourage the appropriate use of digital tools
  • foster autonomy; responsibility for one’s own learning and progress
  • prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and values for lifelong learning.

The curriculum is

  • delivered by passionate, expert teachers who foster positive relationships with students
  • engaging, rigorous and future-focused
  • inquiry based, interactive and designed to foster curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and communication
  • underpinned by careful monitoring, effective feedback, self-reflection and an assessment cycle that informs future learning
  • regularly reviewed.

“Our school is really supportive. I feel comfortable going to teachers for help. They’re understanding and care about how you’re getting on toward being your best. They try lots of different ways to help you understand something.” – Elley, Year 8

“The teachers go above and beyond to help you improve. We know what work ethic is and how to develop it because they’ve required and expected it. It’s encouraged a lot because it’s linked to doing well.” – Idelya, Year 11

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Our commitment to delivering a future-focused curriculum includes ensuring all students have access to a full suite of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs in the classroom, through our clubs, participation in international tours or state and national competitions, through visits to DET Science Centres and involvement with our tertiary education partners.

We have STEM learning centres at all campuses, including the new state-of-the-art facility at our Niddrie campus and the significantly upgraded facility at East Keilor.

Program features:

  • Latrobe University Elite Science Program, Biotechnology lab visit, Robotics Engineering lab visit
  • Victoria University – Sports Science and Homeostasis lab visits; Health expo for Years 7 and 9 students, elite VET program link
  • Tokyo Tour – Robotics science lab (Asimo Robot), and Earthquake Simulation Centre
  • Quantum visit – 3D printing, lego robotics
  • Victorian Space Science Education Centre visit
  • Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC) visit
  • Monash University High School – Year 9 Elite science students enrolled in online courses
  • 3D pens and 3D printing
  • Melbourne Polytechnic visit – interacting with and coding Nao Bots (humanoid robot)
  • Design a video game national competition
  • Piloting a drone to film football matches
  • Coding and programing
  • Cloud resourcing – infinity
  • UNSW Technology competition
  • Italy Tour – building, structural design and architectural focus
  • Aurecon State Bridge Building Competition
  • Deakin University Architecture Program
  • Digital music recording
  • Grand Prix excursion
  • City Maths Trail
  • Commonwealth Bank visit
  • NSW University Maths Competition
  • ASIC Money Smart programs for all year levels
  • Melbourne University Maths Competition


STEM clubs

Students are also invited to access STEM spaces on all three campuses during staffed lunchtime and after school sessions. This allows students to explore areas of interest – to tinker, test, design, build and improve products, pursuing projects of their own choosing. We’ve resourced projects including building coded devices to control the flow of magnetic fluid, robot sorting devices and fidget spinners.