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All Essendon Keilor College students are enriched by learning and living in a diverse and vibrant community context that reflects the real world. The exchange of ideas, beliefs and traditions between local and international students develops cultural empathy and development of the mutual respect and understanding needed to live successfully in our interconnected world. We love knowing that countless bonds of friendship across the world that still flourish today were formed at Essendon Keilor College.

We currently host students from Cambodia, Chile, China, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, They settle in very quickly and succeed because they feel safe, happy and well supported both at school and at home.

International families choose an Essendon Keilor College education for their children because:

  • they receive an outstanding, well-rounded learning experience through our wellbeing, curricular and co-curricular programs
  • we’re known for our innovative, future-focused perspective, our commitment to excellence and academic rigour
  • we have successfully hosted students through our Homestay program for more than 15 years, ensuring the provision of secure, caring, comfortable and culturally enriching experiences
  • we are ideally located in a safe, but exciting inner city suburb between the Melbourne International Airport and the Central Business District.
  • we engage an International Student Program team, Multicultural Aides and expert staff specifically to teach and care for our international students
  • our support of students is exemplary. It includes an Orientation Program, access to our onsite English Language Centre, extra language support classes, integration into mainstream classes, as well as personal and careers/course counselling.
  • we encourage regular communication between parents and the school and keep parents well informed about the progress and wellbeing of their children. This includes in-country visits by school representatives to meet parents and provide face-to-face feedback
  • each individual’s contribution to the school through the pursuit of excellence in academic achievement, sport, the Arts or cultural endeavour is highly valued
  • we offer a ‘complete service’ from collecting students at the airport on arrival to helping them gain university placements
  • the experience represents excellent value for money.


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Learning environment and culture

As a city centre neighbour, our suburb is ideally located for international students. Parks, tree-lined streets, the University of Melbourne and world class sporting and cultural facilities are on our doorstep and easily accessed by public transport.

Our warm, inclusive, friendly culture makes coming to school like being with family. Local students welcome their overseas counterparts and enjoy making friendships that last a lifetime.

Outstanding Support

Our International Student Program team provide the individual attention that reflects our care of each student who becomes part of our community. Beginning with airport pick-up and a comprehensive induction into Melbourne and College life, it carries right through to helping students find their study and career paths.

Academic success

Our International students thrive in an environment that encourages excellence. Outstanding learning opportunities in and beyond the classroom develop the whole person, producing future-ready young adults. The majority of students go on to earn tertiary places at university.

English Language Centre

We are one of very few schools that have our own English Language Centre on site. This makes those first weeks at the school and integration into mainstream classes that much easier. Students can also access extra language support classes to build communication confidence quickly.

Expert teachers

Our expert Language Centre and classroom teachers quickly build the positive rapport and trust relationships with our students that underpin effective learning. They adopt the range of teaching approaches and strategies that work for international students as evidenced by their consistent progress and success. Multicultural Education Aides support students in their first language as needed. They also assist with communication between families and the College.

The Co-curricular Program

Participation in school camps, excursions, sport, music, dance, drama, clubs and other activities fosters skill development and personal growth as well as an incredibly positive school experience. While an expectation, we find our students love the opportunities these learning experiences provide for making friends, having fun, and giving something special back to the school. Students also enjoy the lunches, dinners and special events organised and shared with teachers to celebrate significant calendar dates such as the Chinese and Vietnamese New Year, the Moon Festival and Vietnamese Independence Day.

Course & Careers Counselling

All International students are supported with individual course counselling in relation to subject selection from the broad range of studies on offer. This extends to careers and tertiary course counselling. All the necessary assistance is provided for completing the paperwork associate with tertiary enrolment.

Reporting on progress

Each term families receive an interim report briefly outlining student progress. A full written, translated report is mailed to parents at the end of each semester in June and December. Regular communication with the College is both welcome and encouraged.


International Students stay with local families. These families are carefully selected to ensure students have the best possible experience of life in Australia.

Click here for our Child Safe Policy outline.

For more information, contact our International Student Co-ordinator:

Ms. Catherine Reid

Essendon Keilor College
PO Box 142
Niddrie VIC 3042

E:  [email protected]

T: 61 3 9319 1319

Essendon Keilor College is accredited under the Department of Education and Training’s CRICOS registration (CRICOS provider name and code: Department of Education and Training, 00861K)
CRICOS code: 00861K