Over three years living in Australia, I’m very grateful and proud to be a student belonging to Essendon Keilor College. I have the opportunity to study, do my best and prepare for university.
The teachers are always available to help me when I have trouble with any subjects. I have made many friends.

Vu Nguyen Truc NhiStudent

I love Essendon Keilor College. The students are so friendly and cheerful and the teachers are also very supportive. There were moments when I felt like I couldn’t go on but the teachers and students were there to help me get back up. Now that I am a university student I really miss the time I had with Essendon Keilor College. I would strongly recommend Essendon Keilor College to any students interested in studying in Australia.

Vu Minh NhatStudent

The Language Support program was very good. The teachers gave me a lot of help in reading, writing and listening and I definitely benefited from this. I received support in many different ways whenever I needed it.

Pham Truong Thing Le Commenced in Year 10

The Essendon Campus encourages perseverance and independent, two of the most important ingredients for success. Support and encouragement are plentiful. Individuals are inspired to view their own potential with optimism and then realise the responsibilities need to flourish and guarantee a successful future.

Hua Gia KienStudent

I was a bit scared when I first came here as everything looked strange to me. However, I found this school is great. The local students are friendly and help you if you need it and of course, the teachers are nice too. If you are an overseas student, you can still find some students form your own country. Your are not by yourself here. This place is terrific!

Le Vinh LanStudent

Essendon Keilor College is an ideal environment for me to learn with friendly students and responsible teachers. I have had the opportunity to participate in the school production thanks to the school’s wholehearted support. It was such a memorable experience for me in Australia.

Trinh Nhu NgocJustine