Educational Philosophy

A commitment to contemporary pedagogies, evidence informed practice and data driven intervention facilitates continual school improvement and student outcomes

We believe:

  • every student can learn and realise their potential when held to high expectations. We are passionate about promoting and celebrating each individual’s progress. It is fostered in engaging classrooms characterised by trusting relationships and effective instructional practice.
  • that an excellent education requires the active, informed partnership of parents, guardians, alumni, volunteers, relevant experts and the wider community
  •  safety and wellbeing, including zero tolerance for child abuse, bullying and harassment is a critical pre-condition for learning. The commitment of all community members to our codes of conduct and values is a core expectation.
  • students must be known, valued, respected and embraced within the community in order to learn well
  • realistic goal setting and collaborative strategic endeavour underpins excellent outcomes
  • orderliness, with flexibility, supports learning. This is achieved through good governance, structures,
    purposeful and well-defined routines, policies and procedures.
  • a commitment to contemporary pedagogies, evidence based practice and data driven intervention facilitates continual school improvement and student outcomes
  • knowledge application, skill development, digital literacy and values education support the holistic growth of students preparing to flourish in the talent age. Equally prioritising academic progress and personal development through positive education; the explicit teaching of character strengths and growth mindsets is essential.
  • learning that is student-centred, personalised, choice laden, practical, relevant and real produces world-ready graduates. These opportunities foster the critical thinking, collaboration, communication skill, curiosity, creativity and drive required of innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • empowering students to affect their own schooling experience is motivating, and builds leadership skill, responsibility and autonomy
  • continually developing teacher capacity through targeted professional learning, goal setting and accountability is key to achieving improved student learning outcomes
  • well-rounded students participate fully in and contribute to school life, and the broader community through service initiatives. It lays the foundation for being principled; expressing gratitude, generosity and kindness.
  • honouring the past, leading in the present and being future-focused ensures a cutting edge education.