School Council

The Essendon Keilor College School Council is responsible, within the framework of Victorian Government policy guidelines, for the educational policies of the college, the use of school buildings, the employment of ancillary staff and all financial matters.

A close working relationship between the School Council and the principal team assists in promoting collaborative decision making and problem solving.

Membership of the School Council is representative of the groups affected by Council policies – parents, teachers, students, and where desired, community members.

Councillors are elected annually in March according to Department of Education and Training (DET) guidelines. The School Council meets each month, and any member of the school community is invited to attend.

Special sub-committees of the School Council include:

  • Finance
  • Celebrations (2018 only)

School Councillors can be contacted via email: [email protected]

Click here for the School Council composition

eight parent representatives

  • Laki Mavridis – President
  • Catherine Cash – Vice President
  • Aleksandra Tasevska-Cvetkovska
  • Laura Gallo
  • Karen Dossis
  • Nicole Kotoski
  • Keith McDougall
  • Bettina Spirli

four DET representatives

  • David Adamson – Principal
  • Mark McInerney
  • Angela Apswoude
  • Lisa Nugent – Secretary

four co-opted representatives

  • Stanika Djurdjevic Rjazancew
  • Diana Ortega
  • Heather Hawkins
  • Lisa Robinson

student representatives

  • Luke Barnard, Year 7
  • Kurtis Barnard, Year 11