Key Staff

We value and encourage the active partnership of parents and guardians in supporting student learning and personal growth. The communication exchange between families and the college is a critical aspect of this partnership.

College Principal Adam Potter [email protected]
Later Years Campus Principal Sally Stevens [email protected]
Middle Years Campus Principal Lauren Gaylard [email protected]
Later Years Assistant Principal Melissa Hamilton [email protected]
Middle Years Assistant Principal Lisa Nugent [email protected]
Curriculum (10-12) Melissa Hamilton [email protected]
Curriculum (7-9) Lauren Gaylard [email protected]
Campus Co-ordinator (E) Luke Carroll [email protected]
Campus Co-ordinator (N) Joanne Drago [email protected]
Campus Co-ordinator (K) Melissa Travers [email protected]
International Student Co-ordinator Catherin Reid [email protected]
Inclusion Coordinator Iris Anastasiou [email protected]