Visual Arts

Undertaking courses in Visual Arts at Essendon Keilor College exposes students to studies in painting, print making, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, digital photography and media studies just to name a few. Students learn and explore new techniques to express individual themes and ideas. They are encouraged to think, imagine, create and appreciate. There is a focus on design and construction toward a functional, aesthetically pleasing finished product.

We have the dedicated facilities, tools and machinery required to ensure our creative students can fully express themselves.

End products are celebrated at our annual Exhibition, which always draws a crowd of enthusiasts. They appreciate works that are the result of exploring ideas, materials and techniques, developing and implementing design briefs, and responding to teacher and peer feedback.

In senior classes students:

  • develop a portfolio of work and a visual art diary
  • study a range of art periods and styles to complement practical assignments
  • research the work of Australian and International artists, studying their influences on artworks and art processes.