Our engaging classroom music program is complemented by Instrumental Music Program offerings.

Weekly tuition in one or more instruments is available in:

  • Guitar
  • Electric bass
  • Drums/Percussion
  • Voice
  • Piano/Keyboard
  • Band
  • Sound Recording

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Niddrie and East Keilor campus lessons are conducted weekly in groups of 2-5 students. They are scheduled on rotation so students don’t miss the same class consecutively.

At Essendon, VCE lessons are conducted with individuals or in small groups depending on the VCE music stream. VCE Music Performance Solo program students receive a 45-minute individual lesson weekly.


The annual levy is $320 ($80/term; $160/semester), payable at the campus Office on enrolment.

Scholarships are offered at each campus. Contact the campus principal for details.

Bands and Ensembles

Performance is integral to the Essendon Keilor College Instrumental Music Program. Weekly rehearsals expose students to academic, social and cultural learning as well as personal development. We love seeing our students thrive as their discipline and persistence pays off and as they discover what cooperation can achieve. Each student’s contribution is valued and everyone has great fun!

Essendon Keilor College music students routinely perform in lunchtime concerts, performance workshops, the Senior Soiree, mid-year and end of year Junior concerts, and at awards assemblies.

Participation in the Instrumental Music Program includes membership of one or more of the following ensembles:

Essendon Campus Senior Choir
Guitar Ensemble
Ensembles: Jazz, R&B/Soul, Rock, Electronic
Essendon Keilor College Drum Corp
Niddrie Campus Band Ensemble
Junior Choir
Junior Guitar
Drum/Percussion workshops
East Keilor Campus Junior Choir
Junior Guitar
Various Rock Groups
Drum Group