Student Voice/Leadership

All students are encouraged to develop their leadership potential and to demonstrate the growing self-awareness, confidence and skills required to serve others.

Opportunities to lead peers occur formally and informally in the classroom, and through our co-curricular and service programs. Students are trained to understand the importance of responsibility and duty, and to demonstrate:

  • a leadership mindset
  • positive role modeling
  • collaboration
  • communication, negotiation, influencing and administration skills
  • the ability to enable and inspire others.

At Essendon Keilor College, students are empowered to actively participate in the college decision-making processes through the Student Representative Council (SRC). Students offer opinions, raise concerns, discuss issues, review policies and practices, and influence outcomes that impact their learning and school experience. We value the improvements that result from this interaction in collaboration with the campus principals.

There is also student representation on the School Council.

Leadership Roles

Junior Schools

Campus Captains and Vice Captains
Sport House Captains and Vice Captains
Performance Captain and Vice

Students make written applications for these roles and short listed candidates are interviewed by the campus principal.

Senior School

The Student Leadership Team of 9 students is led by the School and Vice Captains.
School Captains (2)
Vice Captains (2)
Sports Captains (2)
International Captains (2)
Performing Arts Captain (1)

These students lead and influence whole school matters and those in their respective portfolio areas.

They are joined on the Student Representative Council (SRC) by two Year 10 Captains and two Year 11 Captains.

The 2018 Student Leadership Team

School Captains: Jaber Jaber, Leandra Elieh
School Vice Captains: Nimasha Lindara, Rhys Jones
Sports Captains: Campbell Barton, Chamandi Rodrigo
International Captain: Jiang Linda Zhu

The Essendon Keilor College SRC, with Years 7-12 membership, meets twice each term.

This provides the opportunity for discussing and influencing whole school matters.

As students we really know that our voices are heard. Our opinions are welcome, and whenever possible what we suggest is quickly adopted. Whether big or small changes happen we feel valued and our school experience is better.

LeandraYear 12