Student Voice/Leadership

All students are encouraged to develop their leadership potential and to demonstrate the growing self-awareness, confidence and skills required to serve others.

Opportunities to lead peers occur formally and informally in the classroom, and through our co-curricular and service programs. Students are trained to understand the importance of responsibility and duty, and to demonstrate:

  • a leadership mindset
  • positive role modelling
  • collaboration
  • communication, negotiation, influencing and administration skills
  • the ability to enable and inspire others.

At Essendon Keilor College, students are empowered to actively participate in the college decision-making processes through the Student Representative Council (SRC). Students offer opinions, raise concerns, discuss issues, review policies and practices, and influence outcomes that impact their learning and school experience. We value the improvements that result from this interaction in collaboration with the campus principals.

There is also student representation on the School Council.

Leadership Roles

Junior Schools

Campus Captains and Vice Captains
Sport House Captains and Vice Captains
Performance Captain and Vice

Students make written applications for these roles and short listed candidates are interviewed by the campus principal.

Senior School

The Student Leadership Team of  students is led by the School and Vice Captains.
School Captains
Vice Captains
Sports Captains
International Captains
Performing Arts Captain

These students lead and influence whole school matters and those in their respective portfolio areas.

The 2023 Student Leadership Team

  2023 Student Leaders  
Campus Student Name Leadership Position
Keilor Daniel Vaccaro Keilor Campus Captain
Keilor Jaymee Darrington Keilor Campus Captain
Keilor Brooklyn Tahitahi Year 9 Level Leader
Keilor Julian Perrone Year 9 Level Leader
Keilor Arielle Craggs Year 8 Level Leader
Keilor Nicholas Bouris Year 8 Level Leader
Keilor Sahiru Samarasinghe Arachchige Year 7 Level Leader
Keilor Minnie Didprecha Year 7 Level Leader
Keilor Jamie Kho Stem Captain
Keilor Ellie Lu Performance Captain
Keilor Tyler Weinreich Performance Captain
Keilor Diana Silva Music Captain
Keilor Ryan Withers Blue House Sport Captain
Keilor Luca Debrincat White House Sport Captain
Keilor Mia Oakley Red House Sport Captain
Keilor Ryan Withers Green House Sport Captain
Niddrie Monjid Sidahmed Niddrie Campus Captain
Niddrie Veronika Srpcanska Niddrie Campus Captain
Niddrie Abdullah Salman Year 8S Class Captain
Niddrie Patrick Ieria Year 8R Class Captain
Niddrie Llewellyn King Year 8T Class Captain
Niddrie Charlotte Wright Year 7T Class Captain
Niddrie Chloe Babatsikos Year 7S Class Captain
Niddrie Rose Barton Year 7R Class Captain
Niddrie Shazariah Taumateine STEM Captain
Niddrie Montana Anderson Performance and Music Captain
Niddrie Hayley Bowman Fundraising Captain
Niddrie Liana Scordia Fundraising Captain
Niddrie Angus Rodier Blue House Sport Captain
Niddrie Scarlett Callegari Blue House Sport Captain
Niddrie Hyder Khan Red House Sport Captain
Niddrie Jaida Henham Red House Sport Captain
Niddrie Tammy Ellis Green House Sport Captain
Niddrie Baqar Rizvi Green House Sport Captain
Niddrie Hannah Wright White House Sport Captain
Niddrie Zion Clark White House Sport Captain
Niddrie Terrence Patsalis SWPB/Environmental Officer
Niddrie Hannah Mundt SWPB/Environmental Officer
Essendon Chloe Gordon Year 10 Captain
Essendon Dechlan Major Year 10 Captain
Essendon Karl Bebbington Year 10 Vice-Captain
Essendon Tiffany Giang Year 10 Vice-Captain
Essendon Chanel Mai Year 11 Captain
Essendon Shania Ragland Year 11 Vice-Captain
Essendon Teresa Spirli Year 11 Captain
Essendon Theary Morrish Year 11 Vice-Captain
Essendon Luke Barnard Year 12 Leader
Essendon Asraa Mohamed Year 12 Leader
Essendon Andreas Vassilopoulos Year 12 Leader
Essendon Amelia Wright Year 12 Leader

Amelia Wright  quote for Student Leadership

“ Most people would say that a student leader’s role is to lead a group of students.

That is only part of the role.

A student leader’s priority is to represent the voice of their peers by receiving feedback, and opinions from all parts of the student community allowing leaders to become open to many different perspectives and then raise awareness of these perspectives.

A student leader respects and values all the voices of our team to be a able to make a difference. “

“As student leaders, it is not enough to simply listen to a student’s voice, it is our job to receive, accept, and respect all the contributions of our fellow students,

Whether it be someone who wants to make a change,

Someone who looks up to the leadership team, and is inspired to become a leader,

Or a student that is always thinking of ways to improve our school,

You have a say. 

Being a mouthpiece for our peers’ voices brings us together as one big team where everyone’s voice is heard and respected. United we can make a difference.

Everyone has a voice, and we ensure it is heard!”

Amy Bektash                               

As students we really know that our voices are heard. Our opinions are welcome, and whenever possible what we suggest is quickly adopted. Whether big or small changes happen we feel valued and our school experience is better.