Essendon Keilor College offers students a broad range of co-curricular activities on and across all three campuses. They can discover and develop their passions through cultural, community and leadership experiences as well as through the Arts and Sport.

We are always thrilled with the authentic, holistic learning we see in these contexts as students challenge themselves, demonstrating excellence, skill development and personal growth. And we love that they’re so happy doing it. We’re never surprised when alumni tell us that some of their lifelong friendships and recreational pursuits started through their co-curricular involvement at the school.

The program is inclusive, caters for the breadth of student interests and talents, and supports our goal of producing future-ready, well rounded graduates.

This is a friendly school. We know each other really well. You can make friends easily – and not just with those in your class. I’ve made friends from other year levels through extra activities like sport and music.

AaronYear 9