RUOK Day 2021

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RUOK Day  Message from Student Leaders

In partnership with you we are constantly building and developing skills for our young people at EKC including self-care, help seeking, problem solving, building a tool kit of coping strategies, and increasing awareness of internalised feelings and thoughts.


As part of this endeavour, we are promoting RUOK? Day on 9/9/21 with a focus on strategies for connecting and having a conversation, such as those with your young person. Chatstarter (helping parents and young people support each other) has easy-to-use tips and resources to help build your confidence and capability to support your young person who may be experiencing distress or a mental health challenge in these difficult times. Having a small chat can make a big difference.

DET Learning from Home Information website including parent support line for parents 1800 338663 –


Yours sincerely

EKC Health and Wellbeing Team